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Pet Nation Veterinary Care Center Pet Nation Veterinary Care Center
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Customized Wellness Visits for Every Life Stage

We tailor our pet wellness recommendations to align with each pet’s age, lifestyle, and risk factors. We never want pets receiving more vaccines, undergoing more tests, or taking more medications than they need.

Communication is the foundation of every visit. First, we ask about your concerns. Then, during your pet’s examination, we explain to you what we’re doing and what we’re finding, and we always welcome your questions.

New Puppies and Kittens

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Our hour-long new puppy and kitten visits are primarily meet-and-greets that give your pet plenty of time to explore our surroundings and think of our office as a happy place. This is especially important for our feline companions, who tend to be more fearful of doctor visits.

We offer treats and toys (kittens can climb our cat tree!), answer your questions, and cover basic care, including nutritional needs. We’ll get your pet on the road to good health with core vaccines (rabies and distemper for dogs; rabies and FVRCP for cats) and proper deworming for intestinal parasites, which can spread to humans.

New puppies and kittens also receive goody bags with helpful information and treats!

Adult Pets

We recommend annual wellness exams for all adult pets, and we strongly encourage annual bloodwork (plus heartworm testing for dogs). This bloodwork looks at glucose levels, liver and kidney values, and protein values, which gives us a good, overall view of your pet’s health. Our recommendations for vaccines and parasite prevention will be tailored to your pet’s needs.

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Senior Pets

With our older pets, chronic conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, and hyperthyroidism can arise, and the sooner we catch them, the better. We strongly encourage visits every six months for senior pets, coupled with diagnostic tests that make sense for your individual pet. Your Pet Nation veterinarian will let you know when senior visits are appropriate for your pet.

Pain management is also critical for older pets to help them maintain mobility and quality of life. We offer the benefits of cold laser therapy, which can reduce arthritis pain and inflammation.

Flea, Tick, and Heartworm Prevention

Heartworm testing and prevention is extremely important, especially for dogs that have been adopted from southern climates. We can process heartworm tests in our on-site laboratory for fast results. We recommend a year-round heartworm prevention product that also protects against intestinal parasites, which dogs can get any time of year—even in the cold.

We have two different versions of flea and tick preventives to align with different risk factors (indoor cats might not need any at all). Prevention should match the lifestyle!

Call us or request an appointment online today to schedule your pet’s annual wellness visit.